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Alone in Thought

The Temptation of Orpheus

In the Gathering Darkness




God Told Me To


Corridors of Memory

The Resonance of Lost Years

Waiting for the Angel to Come

In [b]etween: trailer

The Speed of Light is Constant... Sanity is Finite

"Brilliant soundscape – I absolutely adore it and think it’s perfect for the piece."


~ Johnathan David Mellor  (actor, Rec2 & In[B]etween)

In 2013 I preparing to self release three Unquiet Void albums. The necronomi-con was approaching that summer in providence, ri and i was finishing up production on my third lovecraft series release so comes the yawning darkness. Director jose luis martinez diaz sent me a message through facebook expressing his enthusiasm for the unquiet void and was eager to have me provide the score to his film that was in post-production, in[b]etween. so we talked about our mutual appreciation for the weird fiction of h.p. lovecraft as well as the concepts of the film. I was definitely interested - how could i say no?

so back to the three albums I was wanting to self release for the convention, Yawning Darkness and the soundtrack for closet space were two of them. the third was the soundtrack to a film (i will not mention the name) - i had pulled the soundtrack out of the project for several reasons. To give an example of one of them; i was contracted to score the film. payment for the work completed and delivered was only half allotted and come to find out the director had another artist compose a score for the film and intended to supplant my score. i found his behavior rather underhanded and dishonest and i did not want to work with him nor did i want my work affiliated with his in any way. this goes back to 2008/2009-ish. 

I had put in some time and effort into the work and i didn't feel it was appropriate to abandon it. So i got an idea and contacted my friend bryin dall (4th sign of the apocalypse, loretta's doll, hirsute pursuit) and asked if he wanted to collaborate on a project. I had wanted to work with bryin for some time and this seemed like a good opportunity to do so. Bryin took what i had done and "evolved" it... made it... more. more what? more cosmic for certain, there are definite structures and traces of my work in the finished release, bryin just added his signature joi de vivre. That's why i called it the unquiet void vs 4th sign of the apocalypse. 

- back to 2013 -

When jose presented me with a link to view the nearly finished film... i absolutely loved it! It's a gorgeous looking film for starters, briefly displayed, though well done, visual fx, and terrific acting - jonathan david mellor carries the 14 minute film what seems to be effortlessly. at this point i felt i really needed to be a part of the film. It has integrity, it is intelligent and emotional, the production value is wonderful... the team who made this film clearly cared about what they were doing! so even though it was a short film i offered up the collaboration with bryin as the score for the film. Jose and jonathan, i know, were thrilled with the work - the snippets of the score work very well with the film. 

but then jose did something i did not at all expect, he threw me quite the curve ball. he asked for contact information for middle pillar presents (the label i was signed to prior to this). i put him in touch with james babbo for permission to use some of my music from the label, I was a little confused but definitely intrigued. i had forgotten all about it by the time Necronomi-con rolled around, which is where i saw the finished film for the first time. The film is a dark and emotional ride... and that's when the curve ball paid off. Jose ended the film using "the dreaming begins" from Between the twilights. I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed because (a) it was a rather unique tone to set for the end of the film, very unexpected and it worked incredibly well and (b) in my heart it felt like a gift, a recognition of something i had created that was very dear and personal to me.

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